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Plentywaka is changing the Bus transportation narrative by improving the way people move around using the Bus service(Be it in-city or city-to-city bus transportation).cWith the new Plentywaka City to City service, commuters get the luxury of purchasing the best bus travel ticket deals while choosing from a variety of bus transportation companies listed on the Plentywaka app. All this from the comfort of your home.

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We smplify the travel planning process so that you can save time—and money!

Save Your Time

Skip the long queues at the bus parks. Conveniently book and pay for your tickets from the comfort of your home.


You get to compare prices and choose from your preferred bus travel company on your next city-city Bus trip.

Bus Tickets in your Pocket

With our cutting-edge technology, you get to easily book tickets from your phone, using our app.

Getting bus tickets
in 3 easy steps

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