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What is
Logistics By Plentywaka (LBP)?

LBP or “Logistics By Plentywaka” is a logistics aggregator platform that connects you to better, safer and affordable logistics services. If you’re looking to get a package to someone in time quickly, easily, and affordably, download the Plentywaka App to get started.

Benefits of partnering with
Logistics By Plentywaka (LBP)?

  • Access to our world-class technology infrastructure
  • Access to a ready market of over 40,000 users on our app
  • Real-time delivery tracking and support on a personalised dashboard.
  • Enjoy revenue share ratio of 80/20

Frequently asked questions

Is is free to register on the platform?

Yes. Registration is entirely free. Simply fill the form and our customer care agent will contact you for an inspection.

How do I get paid?

Payments are made weekly and you are entitled to 80% of the charge per trip. All payments are made through the Plentywaka app so you will be required to fill in your bank details when signing up

What type of vehicles are required?

Delivery Bike - 220cc

Delivery van/ cooling van

Trucks , 5 Tons and above

Can I register my own vehicle or it has to be under an existing logistics company?

Everyone can register their own vehicle as long as it fits the requirements.

Who provides the driver?

You have the responsibility of providing your own driver for your delivery vehicle. If you need referrals, our team would be available to help.

How can I track my vehicle and earnings?

You are entitled to a personalised dashboard where you can track your earnings as well as track how well your vehicle is running per day.

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